Piece of Everlasting Memories – PoEM

Posted: January 22, 2012 in Kreasi
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Bosan dengan lagu-lagu yang ada sekarang? Coba dengar lagu karya Elevemates ini. Ini dia lirik PoEM

I’ve got millions of clothes in my wardrobe
Millions of houses in LA and New York
Millions of cars Mercedes Ferrari
But just you the most precious one my friend

I’m just an only ordinary person
But you’re the most extraordinary one
With different personalities, different styles, different places
or whatever it is

[*]We’ve shared our times together also
We’ve through good and bad times
and one more thing you should have known is
We’re always friend ’till time do us apart

You are you are my true friend
Good times are always in front of us
It’s too good to make it fast
All my besties don’t worry no need too rush
If I can make you stay everyday
Just one more day
Maybe everything would be… OK

[Rap] Everybody let’s dance and move your feet
Put your hats on yeah yeah
Boys are ready with the jacket and
Girls don’t forget your heels OK
Dance start pop it lock it polka dot it
Countrified it and hip hop it and break it
Put your hand in the sky and clap your hand
Move side to side and jump to the left
This is the simple dance we dance
Cause we’re not dance like Brandon or Fay Nabila
We’re just a dozen of humans
Who want to share mind together
Having fun with you, hang out with you
Be the one who always beside you you you alright.

to [*]

[**]Together even though we’ve changed and
We’re all finding our own place in the world
We’ll come to each other
Cause no matter
When this crazy world take us
Nothing will ever changed so much
We’re gonna rock this world!
We’re gonna rock this world!
We’re gonna rock this world!

to [**]

Together and forever
Together and FOREVER!

Download lagu Piece of Everlasting Memories DISINI
Lihat VIDEO Piece of Everlasting Memories

~ @0zerwz


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